Quick access to history


as I don’t want to discuss about 3pane view but can’t ignore that it’s confusing when cross working on different folders I have an idea.

It would be nice to have an extra section (collapsable) on the sidebar which shows the last x rolling folders you have been working on. If you were able to quick pin some of the folders this would be really helpful for setting up a temporary environment for working.

Of corse this would be similar to the favorites section but I don’t want to mix up global favorites with temporary “session” favorites.

This would come close to a solution with tabs but would be far more easy to implement.


You can already add and remove groups to the Favorites section of the Navigate sidebar.

Also, you can create a global (or local) smart group with criteria like…

Thanx Jim.
As mentioned I know about the favorites section but this is not what I want to use this for.

The smart group would be another option but not with the mentioned pinning function.
In addition this is not working - I don’t get any results… what am I doing wrong?

…or maybe I can answer myself. The folders don’t get a new timestamp when just browsing them … am I right ? So this solution would not work.

The folders don’t get a new timestamp when just browsing them

Definitely not.
But then you could use a Date Opened criterion.

However, @cgrunenberg would need to address that groups merely selected in the item list have their opening date touched, but groups merely selected in the Navigate sidebar don’t.