Quick entry app

Not sure if someone’s already made this (hopefully it will be obsolete before too long), but I put together a quick entry app modeled on OmniFocus, Things, etc. The app prompts for title and content then creates RTF records in DEVONthink’s import location. Hit Command-s to save. I use FastScripts (red-sweater.com/fastscripts/) to set a key combination that triggers a script (included below) that triggers the app.

If you’re interested, download the (updated) app at mediafire.com/?vhmgzunwitt

nccraig: Wow, this is neat! It’s sweet and simple, great for jotting down a few thoughts and filing away.

Thanks for contributing this to the community.


I wanted to add a second paragraph to a test sample but hitting causes the note to be filed.

However, doing will do the trick but for some reason the script hangs for about 20 seconds before returning control to the keyboard.

Very useful, very useful indeed.

Good point regarding multiple paragraphs, Tod.

I’ve played around with making the content entry box rich text instead of wrapped plain text. Doing so requires either the addition of buttons to save / cancel the record or the addition of a key combo to save the record. Since the goal is a quick keyboard-based entry tool, the button option is unappealing. I’ll put together a rich text version with command-s to save the record.

Other suggestions and ideas are welcome.

And a good goal it is, one that you’ve attained and the result is still super.

Glad you like it!

Thanks for the suggestion - this is definitely an improvement.

I just downloaded the update and it seems to work just the same as the previous one - have to hit opt-enter to generate a line break.

I didn’t get that far with the update - just hitting return a couple of times to generate two line feeds set it off to some DTPO folder.

Perhaps the link is to the older copy? The “Create…” application is dated today at 4:47. The script is dated April 30 at 6:26 pm.


The link is to the correct version.

The script might be pulling up the old app for you. Did you overwrite (or at least delete) the prior version from Applications? Try launching the app manually to see if it’s the new version.


I thought I had overwritten by dragging the new version to my App folder, which would then put the older one in the Trash.

Since my last post above I’ve been doing some general housecleaning, which meant I needed to do a safe boot at one point and a force empty trash at another, neither of these actions were related to your script.

Now everything seems to be working fine.

Thanks for the neat update, which is doing well!


When names are identical, updating an app that way replaces the old version without copying it to Trash version. If differently named, you’d still have both versions and could manually Trash the old one.

nccraig: Very nice little app! Installed it yesterday and trigger it with a Quicksilver Hotkey. Works a treat - thanks.



Thank you so much for this! It works very well. :slight_smile:

I’m using it with LaunchBar.

Brilliant. Kind of you to contribute. Giving it a try.

@nccraig: Would love your little app even more if it accepted the contents of my clipboard (Cmd-C on a piece of text, invoke your app with QS, then Cmd-V in either title or text field). It works a delight, when I type, but doesn’t accept the clipboard data when I try to paste. Any ideas?
Still, remain charmed by it even so…


Use it here , works fine with fastsript lite, which I had to download first.

Question to the Developers: Do you plan such thing in the final version of DTPO 2.0? Or later?

Suddenly I remember, that we already have this quick note thing at all: as widget. I have totally forgot this. And it´s a little bit more comfortable as the shortcut way, because you just have to press one button.

I use dashboard seldom, but from now on, it will use mor often, I think.


nccraig: Magnicicent! Bravo! I won’t need to rely on Things so much for quick notes that I later copy to DTPO. Thanks very much!

It would be great if you could permit command+v and the paste shortcut key. Otherwise it’s very cool.

Can this be made to work with DTPersonal?

No, as that version isn’t scriptable.