"Quick jump" to a group/entry

Similar to TextMate’s Cmd-T (open project file) dialog, I would LOVE to have a quick way to jump to a particular group in DEVONthink.

I have so many groups that many are hidden under many levels. However, I don’t want to initiate a whole search for a folder, since I almost always know exactly what it’s name for. For example, I may want to jump to my folder on AppleScript, which is under Technical -> Mac OS/X -> AppleScript. Since there are so many other groups under Technical, I usually have that whole group collapsed.

What would then be ideal is a quick Cmd-G, enter in a few characters (like apps, or as) and it would quickly filter a pick list to let me choose the group I want. And if it could maintain a habits history, like LaunchBar, it would let me bounce around my many, many groups with extreme ease.


I really like this idea for quick navigation.

I had a similar idea but was thinking about it in terms of using Quicksilver. As DT 2 is supposed to have an open folders structure in the Finder, I wonder if you would be able to invoke Quicksilver, find the folder you want, and launch it (in its DT database of course).

p.s. this could also work with quick navigation to files in the database, because Quicksilver only searches the names of files, not the content (like DT’s search)

just a thought

I’ve been “using” DT since it’s inception though I eagerly and anxiously await the release of 2.0.

Integration with the OS filesystem, and therefore with QuickSilver, will resolve several key issues for me.

IMO, that should be the Mac-daddy of info-apps. :slight_smile: