Quick note functionality

I am looking for a way of taking a quick note something similar to what DEVONthink has.

I know I can use the share function and I know I can use a long press on the icon to take a quick note but taking a quick note by long pressing leaves you in the app. Hoping there is a solution to that. Also I was looking for something that would be a widget type of a function or a iOS shortcut. Thanks

Here is the share link to a very short Shortcut that takes input, starting with the text clipboard contents if there, and creates a DEVONthink To Go text file in Global Inbox.

Comment from Shortcut:
This Shortcut asks for text and creates a DEVONthink document in Global Inbox. The first line of text is used for the title.

Any text on the clipboard is already in the text field asking for note content.

You have to use Alt-Enter to start a new line. Enter alone is the equivalent of tapping OK.


A comment at the end of the Shortcut tells you how to immediately open the created document if you want to. As-is it does not take you to DEVONthink To Go.


@leebutler, excellent. Just ran it. Much appreciation.

Why are these two things in here…

From what I have read in other shortcut samples, that sets the file name. However, when I removed it everything still works…

I have always seen the destination included, even it no value is includes so that could also be removed.

Thanks for the feedback! I have cleaned both of those out…


No problem.

Those items would be for specific purposes.
And the destination parameter is only necessary when you’re importing to a specific database or group.


What are the situations that require the name value of the file content variable to be set?

I have been doing that in all the other DEVONthink Shortcuts I am working on and it may also be extraneous…