Quick note hotkey with sorter disabled?

I am a new user, and after trying out both DT Personal and DT Pro, I settled on DT Pro mainly because of the scripting capabilities.

However, there was one thing about DT Personal I liked better, and that was the quick note window. I don’t have much need for the sorter, because I don’t work with a large volume of files, and I intend to index most files rather than import them. I also prefer the un-animated DT Personal-type window that pops up immediately in the center of the screen.

The problem I have is that if I disable sorter in DT Pro, then I lose my global shortcut to the quicknote window in sorter, and furthermore, I can’t figure out how to reassign the global hotkey to the DT Personal-type quicknote, which is in the menu at Tools > Take Note…

Is this possible? Thanks for any help!

You can assign your own keyboard shortcut in the System Preferences>Keyboard and Mouse. Note that ‘Take Note…’ is ‘Take Note’ + an ellipse (Option-;).

That will work while working in DT, but it won’t work while in other applications to bring up the quick note window, right?

That’s correct-you’d have to be in DEVONthink. Personally, I have a QuicKeys shortcut set to activate DTPO and then activate the Take Note menu. I too prefer the note window in DT over what is available in the Sorter. I expect there are other ways to accomplish this, perhaps even with as script. Also, you can right-click on the DT icon in the Dock and select 'Take Note. What would be ideal is if one could assign keystrokes to the contextual menu items in the Dock, but I don’t know if there is a way to do that?

There’s also the DEVONThink Jot widget that ships will DT. If DT is closed, the widget will open it and put the note into the default group (or prompt) set in Preferences.

I like this feature a lot, sort of similar to the OmniFocus Quick Entry. Like Greg, I set up a quick macro in Keyboard Maestro, so I can enter a note from any application.

However, I was wondering if there is a way to navigate to the ‘Enter’ key. I would like to be able to type my note and send it to the default inbox, but I have to leave the keyboard and go back to the mouse/trackpad.

Any ideas?

Command-S will save the note, as will the Enter key if the focus is not in the note field.