Quick open file or group

I use Sublime Text and other programming-centric text editors and have really gotten used to “quick open” functionality. You simply hit a shortcut key, type a few letters from the file you want to open and hit enter instead of searching for the file in the sidebar. For my most of my projects I probably open 80-90% of my files this way.

I found a feature request for this way back in 2007 - "Quick jump" to a group/entry

but it looks like the request died out. Any chance this could be implemented?

Are, you looking for a feature that offers a shortcut for quickly finding and opening groups in a database?
Or finding and opening folders in the filesystem?
Or finding and opening files?

The discussion in the post you mentioned floats among those concepts.

That old thread also speculates that the then-future DEVONthink 2.0 will have a kind of integration with the filesystem than what 2.x actually provides.

I’m just starting out with DEVONthink so I’m mainly approaching it from a file-based view of the database. However, I can see how quick opening a group with a keyboard shortcut would be useful as well as I start using the group functionality more.

I’m not sure what the difference is between finding and opening “folders in the filesystem” and “files” - can you clarify? Are you eluding to the difference between indexed and non-indexed files?