Quick Q: Can groups be moved between databases in 2.0?

Hello, 2.0 is great

Just a quick question, now that one can have multiple databases open, will it be possible to drag/move multiple items (a group and all sub-groups) from one database to another?

I am thinking of splitting my data into more coherent databases.

You can drag & drop them between databases but they’re copied right now and therefore you have to delete the originals on your own. Moving will be possible in a future release.

Exquisite. Thanks!


I was about to ask the same question. Thanks for the answer.

Just one more thing. I’ve been able to drag and drop from one database to another in different windows. Is it possible to drag onto the name of the database in the Sidebar? That’s the most intuitive way for me, but it doesn’t seem to work.


Manuel Aguilar Hendrickson

I too would like the functionality of dragging to the other open database in the sidebar instead of opening another window - is this on the plan for final release?

Thanks for any info…