Quick question about importing mail

I just upgraded to the Pro version, primarily to get the Mail Importing feature. Trying to find emails via Apple Mail’s simplistic search tool has become too annoying, so I want to take advantage of DT’s more robust searches, smart groups, etc.

I read through the manual, and just want to make sure I understand how this works. So…

  • when I archive a mailbox, DT creates a copy of each mail file in the selected DT database, each with a unique UUID
  • To keep my DT mail database current, I just archive the mailbox again — DT will skips previously imported messages.
  • But if I delete the message from DT (and empty the trash), I can import it again.

Is that correct?

Also, if I archive a mailbox into one database, can I archive it as well into a second database?

Thank you!

Yes, you are understanding emal archiving correctly.
And yes, each database is independent of one another so archiving emails can be done in each database.

Great! Thank you!