Quick question about RSS items

Say I have DTP set up to remove RSS articles after 1 week. What are all the different methods I can use to keep an article? I know of 1: select it and click the lock button.

But I’m wondering, if I move the HTML document out of the RSS feed group and into another group, will it no longer be removed automatically? What if I replicate it? Will the original be removed eventually, but the replicant stays where it is?

I think that the “remove articles” setting basically applies at an RSS group level…that is, any articles within an RSS feed group will be removed. But if I move / replicate / duplicate that article outside the group, then it won’t be automatically removed. Is that accurate?

Yes, that is correct. Once an article, or its replicant, or its duplicate, is somewhere other than in an RSS group, it will not be removed by the RSS feed preference.

Excellent. Thank you for confirming.