Quick Sorter Panel Disappeared from Desktop

New to this forum, but have a question. I’m using DevonThink Pro Office.
The Sorter Tab no longer shows on the desktop even after reboots. I’ve tried disabling/reenabling it in the preference panel also with no results. I’ve considered deleting the entire program and reinstalling but am concerned that I may run into problems with getting it re-registered. I’m running an iMac with Lion OS. Anyone else had this problem?

One or both of these fixes might help:


Thanks so much Korm. Fixed it!


I am running Mountain Lion.
I am running DevonThink Pro.
The sorter worked for weeks and in the last few days, it disappeared, but I didn’t notice it right away.

I removed the .plist file, I renamed the sorter subdirectory in Application Support and just now I used ForkLift to remove DTP and then re-installed DTP and the sorter is still gone.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


I just noticed Tools => Show Sorter, so I did that and now the Sorter appeared and seems to be working.

I find the Sorter a bit pesky when using a laptop with a monitor. I keep the Sorter on the left-hand side of my screen. If I unplug the laptop and plug it in again, the Sorter either vanishes and only appears on a restart, or attaches itself to the left of the laptop screen.

I think I’d prefer it as a menu item that stayed in one place.