Quick Start

Can anyone recommend a good Quick Start guide for DT Office Pro? :question:

Download the PDF documentation (there’s a link to it on the Download page).

Check out the sections, ‘Getting Started’ and ‘Common Usage Scenarios’.

I watched some of the video tutorials which helped a lot. But for a bit of advice, I’d say to ignore 90% of what it does when you are starting, as it is so rich with function that you can quickly get very overwhelmed. I have DTPO and the Fujitsu scanner and I started by just scanning stuff into one database. I kept a stack of what I scanned in case anything went wrong… which it didn’t. Then I slowly built up a folder structure to move things from the inbox. Then I learned to use the tool to help you determine automatically where to file things. Now DTPO is absolutely a dream to use. I scan stuff in for a few weeks and then about once a month I’ll sit down and go through sorting things out. In the meantime, if I want to find something the search is so powerful that it will get you to your documents. Now I’ve slowly started using more and more functions.

Just curious: what tool is that? If you come back with a snappy “your brain,” I’d likely agree with you! I’ve been missing mine for a while now… :laughing: But the question is totally serious. What tool is it?

Its the “See also and Classify” sidebar tool. When you are in DT and have selected a document (usually PDF’s in my case), there are some little icons at the top. One looks like a magic hat. Click on that, and a sidebar opens to the right. It shows you a ranked suggested list of folders where the document should be filed. The more stuff you file into different folders, the smarter it gets.

But, you do have to engage your brain too, however, this thing makes it as brainless as humanly possible. :slight_smile:

Ahhh, the magic hat thing? Sounds good to me. I don’t think I ever clicked it (I’m always behind trying out new [to me] things) and I never associated it with a magic hat but you’re right.


Well its quite amazing to me how good it is in most cases, and how quick it is. We just bought a used Jeep Wrangler and so have a need for a new group to store documents about it. Of course the first one that showed up in the in basket, the group wasn’t there, so I had to created it and manually move the first one in. Immediately after that, the next document in the inbasket was correctly classified for that folder. And the one that really amazed me… we had a copy of a bank check that we had used to transfer money to pay for the Jeep. It didn’t say anything about the Jeep on the check, but the date and dollar amount must have gotten picked up, because it listed the Wrangler group as the most probably place for the check to be filed. It does stuff like that all the time that amazes me.

The one area that it really does struggle though is with my medical insurance explanation of benefits forms. It can’t seem to figure out which family member they are for, but it always lists the correct family member in the list… just not at the top. For something like that, it would be cool if we could tell it for documents of that type to look at a particular part of the document to determine how to file it.