"quick windows"

One thing I would like to see is some kind of "quick windows" functionality. I find that I tend to work in different groups (open in one window) and want to switch to another group in another window. The problem is that tho whole screen get messy with all the windows, it would be really nice if there was some kind of "docking" bar where I could save windows and quickly open them and they would of course be saved across launches also.

Thanks for the suggestion. DEVONthink remembers the last opened windows across launches but there’s no such bar currently. Don’t know if this would be of common interest?!?


Try the minimize-in-place function of WindowShade. You can minimize any window of any application to a small (size being user-set) thumbnail.  Works well.

Exposé does this pretty well for me under Mac OS X 10.3.2. Right now, I’ve got 7 DEVONthink windows open, representing different views and groups. By pressing F10 or moving the cursor to the upper right corner of the screen, Exposé shows all the open application (DEVONthink, in this case) windows. The window images retain their relative positions. Click on the desired one and it becomes frontmost. :slight_smile:

For example, I’ve got 4 bookmark windows open: Scientific Journals, News Sites, Mac Sites, Bookmarks. Also the Home view, Edit These Items view, and Scrawlings (where I enter notes, ideas, etc. for future use).

Note: To hold down DT’s RAM usage, I rarely have content selected in more than 1 or 2 views.

DEVONtechnologies should pay you to document cool and useful suggestions for using their software, Bill. :slight_smile:

It’s a shame when this sort of information is only seen by a minority of users if it just exists on the forum.

Hey, I think that’s a great idea! ;D