Quickcursor via KeyboardMaestro, but issues pasting back...

Hi all,

There’s a marvellous re-implementation of the much missed QuickCursor, using scripting and KeyboardMaestro: it’s here


and the github repository for it is here:


It seems to be a very nice implementation - however, it seems to hate pasting back in to DEVONthink Pro Office.

Has anyone else tried it out and had more success than I? (it’s just worked fine in the Safari edit box in this forum, for example).

The biggest benefit would be that it open single instances of editors, allowing a simple ⌘Q to save and restore the text back where it came from, without closing any other windows that editor may have open - a subtle distinction from a ⇧⌘O in DEVONthink itself.

⌘Q quits the application :wink:

Thanks Jim, but it then reports back with an error and pops up a TextEdit document as well!

com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2 exited with exit code: 1

You may have to manually paste your text back to the original application.

I fixed it by adding to the ‘QuickCursorKM _ Set source application variable’ macro:

If All Conditions Met
The variable ‘QUICKCURSOR_KM_SOURCE_APPLICATION’ contains ‘DEVONthink Pro Office’
Execute the Following Actions:
DEVONthink Pro

Looks like the finder couldn’t find the application with the ‘Office’ ending.

Hope someone else finds this useful.