Quickest Safari PDF to DTPO?

I’ve recently started using DTPO as a replacement for my paper files. (Works great with the ScanSnap.) I often find I want to add a PDF that I’m viewing in Safari to DT but I haven’t been able to find a quick way to do it. Obviously I could download the file, find it in the Finder and drag it to DT. Is there a way to do it with one click or a keystroke? I tried the web archive bookmarklet but it doesn’t seem to understand URLs that point to PDFs.

The Extras folder on the DTPO download disk image contains a couple of Folder Action scripts, one to Import new content added to a folder, the other to Index new content.

Just use Save As to save a PDF from Safari to a folder to which you have attached a Folder Action script. The PDF will then be automatically sent to your database.

Thanks for the info. I’ll keep that in mind.

I’d like to see something a bit more one-click. Perhaps a new bookmarklet or an enhancement to the existing one to understand PDFs. With all the PDFs online now, it seems a lot of people would be doing this sort of thing.


Hi Bill,

is there a possibillity to change the location to which the Import Folder Action takes the pdf. By default it saves the pdf in the base (or home or what ever ist is named) of my database. It would be nice, if it would save it in my newly created inbox (or ‘Eingang’ in german)?

Just have a look at this thread:

oh, okay, thanks for the tip :wink:

Kind regards