Quickest way to delete all duplicates

Can someone please let me know the fastest way to delete all duplicates and remove all replicants from my DEVONthink Database (leaving just a single file from each existing dup group)?

I am about to pull my hair out my because my Database is so cluttered with dups and purposeless replicants…

I just want them all gone, I don’t care which file from each dup group is left nor do I can to pick one over the other(s), I just want to know that each and every file in my DT database is completely unique and has no duplicates or replicants located elsewhere in the database.

Script please?

Thanks so much!!

In the DTP 2.0 betas you can define a smart group which contains duplicates. Then just delete all of each particular document but one. Should take… total combined time of a few minutes.

The next beta will include a script to automate this. In addition, it’s also possible to create smart groups for replicants. Then select all results of the smart group and drag them to any destination and all replicants will be gone.

That gets my votes as one of the most unexpected and unintuitive tricks in DT. :slight_smile:

Are there any other surprising side effects of moving items out of smart groups?

A better way of dealing with duplicates would be great…I created the smart group as you’d suggested and I end up with a smart groups containing nearly 300 files…My problem is that a number of the dup files have different names, so it’s not as easy as one would think to simply select one of each duplicate file, as doing so would mean that I first have to figure out which files are dups (as I can’t simply sort by the name column…

Sorting by size would probably help cluster duplicates together.

it did…thanks for the suggestion!

This is definitely an area of the application that desperately needs to be improved, IMO.