Quicklook Mavericks

Has anyone else noticed that Quicklook preview is not behaving since they updated to Mavericks. I use this Quicklook daily in Devonthink.

If I arrow through previews now, the previews display until I arrow the opposite direction, at which point, they do not display until I arrow ‘more than one item’ in that opposite direction - then they start displaying again correctly.

If I select just two items for preview, I can no longer right/left arrow between them.

P.S. I make sure that my Quicklook window is selected so that it is active. Otherwise, arrows would simply move me through all items in the DT group. i.e. if you want to just cycle through selected items, you have to hit spacebar and then click the preview to ensure it is the ‘active’ window.

Hopefully this is fixed soon as I rely on this display option constantly to quickly compare images.

Yes, I can confirm that Quick Look in DEVONthink is not functioning well – this is DTPO 2.7.1 on OS X 10.9. I indexed a folder of images so that I could test Quick Look with Finder and Quick Look with the same images in DEVONthink. I had no problems with Quick Look in Finder. In DEVONthink, however:

  1. Select images and press Spacebar to enter Quick Look. The Quick Look panel does not have the focus as soon as it is opened (in Finder it does). Need to click the panel to give it the focus. This seems to defeat the “quick” portion of Quick Look.
  2. Using only right/left arrow keys to navigate is not reliably functional – confirming @brentanis’ posting, above. Say, Quick Look opens on image 1, right arrow will change the title of the Quick Look preview panel to the name of image 2, but image 2 does not appear. Right arrow again will change title and display to image 3, left arrow changes title to image 2’s name but not the preview, and left arrow again will change to preview of image 1
  3. Various combinations of the arrowing described in (2) have different results – perhaps there is a caching problem? I reset Quick Look and restarted, which temporarily fixed the issues in DEVONthink – but within seconds the not-displaying issue returned.

To reset Quick Look, open a Terminal (as an administrator) and enter these two commands:

qlmanage -r
qlmanage -r cache

The first command forces Quick Look to reload the QL Generators. The second clears the QL cache. This can frequently fix QL problems. Closing DEVONthink, running these commands in Terminal, then rebooting is a good approach.

Is there anybody from DevonThink going to comment on this issue? No response from DT is interpreted as “we are working on more important things.”

As a game developer, I am keenly aware of bug priorities. As such, I suspect that the ‘preview’ issue does not rank highly on that priority list. I am not taking issue with this as you guys understand your user base and the priority list must reflect the needs of the majority.

I mentioned in my original post that a ‘quicklook’ preview function was important to my workflow. Since DT has chosen not to comment on the post, I have no idea if this matters to your company, which means I cannot surmise that it will be fixed this year, next year, or never.

May I humbly suggest that someone from your company take the time to acknowledge postings like mine.

In short, the very least you should do is declare whether or not it gets put onto your bug list.

As a suggestion, the best way to get the issue put on a bug list would be to open a support ticket.

While the DEVON staff is pretty good about participating here, I gather that they prefer that the ticket system be the primary means of reporting bugs and requesting support.

Thanks Greg. Will do.

Mavericks made changes in Quick Look and the developer is aware of this. He will be back from a well-deserved seasonal family holiday in a day or two.

The next maintenance release of DEVONthink will likely include a fix.

Appreciate the update Bill. Good to hear.

I don’t know if the difficulty I am experiencing is related to Mavericks or not, or to the original enquiry or not, but I am finding that Quicklook is very slow on Devonthink.
In particular I use it to view Mellel files, and .skim notes.
On the other hand, Quicklook is very slow from Finder also, so I suspect that it is nothing to do with Devonthink.
I suppose the question is, is this a common or a known problem with Quicklook, and is there any solution?


I don’t notice anything slow with Mellel or Skim Quick Look (10.9.2) – in either Finder or DEVONthink. If the problem is experienced in both places, then it is not likely caused by DEVONhink.

I assume you have boot your computer recently?

You might try resetting Quick Look’s cache. In Terminal, use these commands:

qlmanage -r
qlmanage -r cache

and then boot again.

Thanks kind sir. That did the trick!