quicklook previews in the web interface

I see that pro office beta 2 supports quicklook-based previews in the web interface. This sounds good. I’m not able to figure out how to use this though. The interface looks the same and I can’t find any preferences or documentation that relate to this feature. Does this have to be enabled in a preference somewhere?

You don’t need to enable anything in the Server preferences to enable Quick Look rendering of appropriate document filetypes.

When you look at Search results, note that files that can be viewed within the browser are printed in blue type. Others cannot be directly viewed, but there’s an option to download the file, which could then be opened under its parent application.

For example, Safari cannot directly display a Pages file, but if a Pages file has been saved with “Save with preview” selected in Pages’ Preferences, that Pages file will be displayed in your browser using Quick Look.

ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

I’d been hoping it was a way to use quicklook to show larger thumbnail previews on the web interface :slight_smile: