quicklook zoom?

Continuing to enjoy the public beta of v.2. I’d like to request that DT be able to zoom in on quicklook previews, as some quicklook previews always stay one size (like Pages) which is annoying.

Documents containing PDF/HTML previews (e.g. Scrivener or iWork 08/09) should be already zoomable, others might be some day (depending on the private QuickLook framework and the plugins provided by third-party developers)

I’m using pages 09, and all docks I have are not zoomable. The zoom function is grayed out in the menu

Did you enable the Pages’ option to create previews? Do the .pages packages contain a QuickLook subfolder?

Yes, I set the pages prefs to include a preview. I tried to check the pages file to see if there was a quicklook folder, but there is no menu option to show package contentts.

Could you send me (cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com) an example file? Thanks!