quickly access most recent Group used

My workflow includes:

Scan document w/ScanSnap S300M.
Scan to Inbox of current DB.
Inbox contains a Sheet with my naming conventions for my given documents.
Select proper name, and copy from Sheet/paste to name of newly scanned document.
Open Info Panel and Tag name of destination folder.
Delete replicant in Inbox.

Is there a quick way to “jump to” the destination folder (Group), most recently added to, short of a search query? Either after the replicant is deleted, or before it is if it requires that?

I have a smart folder called ‘Recent Imports’ that I use for multiple purposes, one of which is similar to what you are wanting. I select the document from the list and command-r to reveal the document, which also reveals the group. The smart group is sorted by date added, so the most recent document is at the top of the list. There are perhaps quicker ways to do what you want, but this one works well for me.

Sorry for the delay in reply. But that works wonderfully. Thanks!