Quickly Creating Smart Folders...

Is there any way that I can search only tags using the advanced search?? For instance, I want to find only documents with the tags “Debit” and “Business Expense”. One would think I would be able to do something like ‘tag:debit, business expense’ and it would return only documents with both those tags and nothing else??

I know people will say, “that’s exactly what the tags view does” but the tags view is pretty pointless without the ability to save the documents you have drilled down to as a smart folder. No one is going to reselect the 4 tags they want in the tag view every time they want to pull up those documents!!

I am also aware that I can make a smart folder that retrieves these tags by making a new group and configuring it as such, but this is incredibly time consuming if I am making say 20 smart folders.

There has to be some way to quickly save a search result dealing ONLY with tags and not analyzing other contents to create a smart folder… right?

Thanks for the suggestion, v2.0.3 will include such a command.

Right now the only possibilities are indeed the Tags view and smart groups but searching for tags will be definitely improved.


I have another suggestion involving smart groups that I long for and think would be pretty easy to implement: the ability to include a relative path for the “Search In” box when creating a smart group.

Here is why, I desperately want the ability to quickly configure a DB like so:

  1. Have groups for major divisions of documents
  2. Tag each document with any given properties
  3. Nest smart groups under the main groups that list important tags, but have this search be narrowed to only document in the main group the smart group is nested in.

Here is what this would look like:

To me that is the most powerful way to organize like I want to (I think), but it takes a long time to edit each smart folder to restrict its scope to the group(s) it is nested in. If I could set a relative path for that value I could just copy the smart groups and then pasting them under the correct group would automatically yield the desired scope.

That setup also currently takes a long time to create because I do not know of a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to the “Edit…” command that modifies the smart group because it is only found in the context menu and not in the main menu :frowning:

I really hope this can be included in 2.0.3 because I do not know enough about apple dev to make a smart template to do this. Any word on roughly when we can expect this release??

This should be much faster using the upcoming “Save Search” command (see above) by using the Tags view and selecting the tag & the group and applying this command.

It’s part of the Action menu too and therefore it should be possible to assign a shortcut (as long as the Action menu is part of the toolbar). Anyway, simply double-clicking on smart groups will open the editor in v2.0.3 (like double-clicking on smart groups in the sidebar already does).

We don’t announce release schedules anymore, I’m sorry.