Quickly Filing from Inbox to Groups

Is there a way to quickly file away the material I have gathered in the Inbox? It takes me considerable amount of time to look for the actual place of of the groups. If I use the tags bar at the bottom, I can find the folder, but the file remains in the Inbox. I want to remove the item from the Inbox, and have it there only in case I replicate or duplicate it.

What edition of DEVONthink are you using? How many groups are you managing in a database?

Document in Tag groups are replicants. You could add commonly-used groups to the global sidebar as Favorites and drag things onto a Favorite. You could the Groups and Tag panel (open from Tools). Or you could use “See Also” and let the DEVONthink AI suggest likely destinations.

I use the script from Scripts>Data>Move with the ^⌘M keyboard shortcut. It allows you to navigate your database and group hierarchy via keyboard, and it pretty quick (just collapse groups you want to skip (with “Cursor Left”) to speed up navigation.

You can select several documents and move them all at the same time to the same target group, to speed things up even more.

I just remembered that you have to install this script first using “Script>More Scripts…”; it is not part of the default install. It is called “Move with Keyboard” in the list of installable scripts.

I forgot about that move script - thanks! Another option is saved views - See macdriftrr’s recent post: macdrifter.com/2017/02/saved … think.html

I have the latest version of DTPO 2.9.11. The Favorites sounds like a good idea but is not useful for me. I have too many groups and especially a lot of subgroups. I have already created something similar with replicated folders, but it does not help because my Favorite folders are too many. I always need to drag the documents if I want them to disappear from the Inbox folder.

I installed the Move script too, and this would be great if I have only my 9 core groups and did not want to file documents in the subgroups. I have subgroups to level 6, may be even more. May be there is a way to use the script to do this kind of processing faster, but I just do not see it at the moment.

I use OmniFocus and filing a task into the appropriate folder project is super easy, and I can do this also on my iPhone which is really helpful because I can do all the Inbox processing during my commute when I am usually tired and that’s the only thinking I want to do. I realize that I am spoiled having gotten used to this way of processing my Inbox, but I really wish that this was an option in DTPO.

And just to clarify, is it possible to process the Inbox on the DTTG app? I know I can add tags which is also still not working smoothly enough, but I do not even think filing documents away is possible. That would a GREAT! feature to have.

Yes, you could process the Inbox in DTTG2. However, the UI on a mobile application is limited by nature. The interactions you can have and ways to automate are also very limited.