Quickly moving items


When moving items, I really like the suggested groups. Normally I select one, and click move to.

I was thinking if there’s a quicker way. As I mouse over a group in the list, how about a small button next to the group name?

A keyboard shortcut could work too. Maybe a command to display the suggested groups and then filter by typing. Have you seen how you can quickly change paragraph styles in InDesign or Final Draft? Something like that would be fantastic.

Selecting group(s) in the Classify drawer and clicking Move To has been quick enough for me, obviously when the auto-selected suggested group is the intended target so only a Move To click is required. I’d get more value from Duplicate/Replicate To commands in the drawer (which has already been suggested and discussed).

Still, I’m open to more efficient UI alternatives for Move/Duplicate/Copy To functionality although there’s risk of increased complexity that some people might be find objectionable. And which features are appropriate for adding to DEVONnote, DEVONthink, and/or DEVONthink Pro is another factor DEVONtechnologies has to consider.

I’d like something faster than 2 clicks: choosing the group and then clicking Move to. I would also like to keep the UI clutter to a minimum. While I love DT, the interface does have tons of buttons. :slight_smile:

Maybe the folder icon doubling for a shortcut to move to would be sufficient. Or changing it to an arrow icon on a mouse over.

I wouldn’t like the behavior switching between being a selection or an action depending on where a click occurs on groups within the Classify drawer. It can cause confusing ambiguity, like what happens when a group icon is clicked when multiple groups are selected.

If anything, making group icons (or their full rows) in the drawer be drop targets for dragging the currently selected item seems more intuitive to me than invoking a Move To command when they’re clicked.