Quickly showing the path in See Also and Classsify

I quite often end up with quite a few documents I want to whiz through and classify from my Inbox. I’d like to use Ctrl-C in the See Also and Classify inspector, but like to check that the auto-selected option really is going to put it in the right place.

I have to use a shared location to file these documents, which means that I don’t have control over the paths and they can be pretty long. This means the most important bit of the path can get hidden.

As an example, we have client folders, each of which have a Notes folder in. These might look like this:

Is there a way to quickly see more of the path? In the above example, the client name is truncated (actually not visible at all). The way to do this is hover the mouse over, and wait a couple of seconds, but it slows things down. If there was a shortcut to instantly show the path of the top result, or else a way to reposition the panel at the bottom, that would be great.

I can make the panel wider, but unfortunately it ends up taking up half the screen because our folder paths are rather long!

(Note - the hidden bit of the first part of the path is just me obfuscating the company name. It’s the (…) part that I’m talking about re: path being truncated.

The only possibilities at the moment are indeed to use either the tooltip or to make the inspector wider.

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