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I am an avid Quicksilver and DTP user. Is there any plan to provide a quicksilver plugin to do some of the actions that are curently done through applescript. I guess I could use QS to call the applescripts, but I would love QS to be able to also access my files in DTP. Is this too much of a pain. I’m not a coder, so I have no idea what would be involved with making a plugin.


Currently there are no plans for QuickSilver plugins.

I’ve applied a few keyboard shortcuts using Fastscripts Lite and have found that it sped up my workflow. You can get it at http://www.red-sweater.com. I know it’s not quite the same as using QuickSilver in that you can’t put data in the exact place you want, but it’s still nice to add pages from Safari with a quick keyboard shortcut.

I’m a big fan of Quicksilver, but speaking of keyboard shortcuts for applescripts, I like Fastscripts better in that (1) I can have application-specific scripts and (2) I can access these scripts by shift-clicking on the menu item in order to edit them. As of today, QS’s triggers are global, which means they are applied to all apps, regardless of the context.

I want to continue the lovefest for Fastscripts. I was taking a long hard look at Yojimbo, with all it’s fancy quick input keys, until I discovered Fastscripts, and now I have the quick input hot keys, and I can still stay with DTPro.

not a full plugin, but it does what I needed most: send notes from QS to my database.

now a question: this seems to always put it in the top level (which is cool, I just press the little home button and “process” it. Basically using the top level as my GTD Inbox.

But is this guaranteed to be in the top level or can it go in a “current” folder too? I am confused, because the standard Data/New/Rich Text… uses the current folder.

Oh, and I had to find out the “type:rtf” part by guess work :slight_smile:. Where in the documentations are the parameters to create record fully explained? (Sorry if I missed it, just trying out DTP since a few days)

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– Send to DEVONthink.scpt
– put this in ~/Library/Library/Application Support/Actions
– dont forget to relaunch QS !
using terms from application “Quicksilver”
on process text ThisClipping
tell application “DEVONthink Pro”
create record with {name:ThisClipping, type:rtf}
end tell
end process text
end using terms from

found the documentation of “type:”. Sorry, was just getting confused.

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create record with {name:ThisClipping, type:rtf} in current group

…to create the clipping in the current group.

That should be ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions. :slight_smile: