Quirky Behavior: Icon View - w. Details & Widescreen Preview

This is partially a bug report, and partially a feature request for upcoming beta releases of DT3.

On the bug side of things, the behavior is limited to the following settings:

  • View: as Icons
    • Show Details
  • Preview: Widescreen

With this setup, when the preview pane gets large enough, DT3 hides all of the details from the note, leaving nothing but the icon. You can see this in the series of images below (where all details are gone in the third/final screenshot below as the preview pane grows):

In light of the generous amount of space left, the breakpoint seems like it’s set way too early.

As for feature requests, I’d love to see DT3 use typography in a manner that makes better use of its allotted space. Please consider the following:

First, get rid of fields/labels. They take up a lot of space, and don’t add any clarity (e.g., people won’t confuse the name of the document for its rating, kind, label, etc.). The extra negative space should increase readability, especially if you increase the vertical padding between the fields and consider varying the size/color of the text in the fields.

I’m not a big fan of Evernote, but here’s how they handle a similar view (snippet) - which strikes me as more legible:

Second, allow users to prioritize/rank the fields they see in this view (Icon w. details). For example, I’d love to see tags listed (2nd) below the name because, at the moment, as someone who largely indexes folders from Finder, the other fields aren’t as important to me (if at all).

Lastly, consider using alternate row colors (like DT3 and Finder do in list view).

Thanks for your consideration!

The next release will fix this.

Thanks, @cgrunenberg!!