Quitting DA--have to force quit

I have had to force quit DA the last few times I’ve used it because it took so long to quit. Is this normal behavior? I waited about a minute this last time just to see if it would quit and it didn’t. Any thoughts about why this might be happening and where I might look?

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PS Using version 1.7 on iBook G4, 10.3.9

Have you tried emptying the cache? (Under the DEVONagent menu) or…
restarting your Mac between DA problem sessions?

Yes on the restarting, no on emptying the cache. That did it! It quits in a flash now. I had done a couple of deep scans, which I don’t use all that often (mostly do fast scans). So I’m assuming that was why my cache was so full? In any case, I’ll be sure to empty the cache regularly.

Many thanks!


I’m glad that solved your problem. 8) Deep scans do add more files to the cache… but deep scans is where all the fun of DA resides - and it is powerful stuff. Sometimes however, just one corrupted file in the cache out of thousands of downloaded files in that cache is enough to bring things to a grinding halt. :imp: - or even cause programs or systems to crash! A corrupted file is a rather rare event but it does happen. BTW, in DA’s Pref’s under the “Search” tab there’s an option to automatically “clear the cache” on quit and an option to “store downloaded pages.” If one was regularily searching DA’s cache from previous search queries, you might want to leave the auto empty cache box unchecked - access to this saved cache could speed up some types of searches and clearing it manually might be more useful. If a saved cache isn’t necessary, just check this box and never think “what about my cache?” again. It really comes down to the age-old Browser quandry; to cache or not to cache, this is the question… ( or at least how long should I keep using the old one?) :exclamation:

Thanks for the detailed info on the ins and outs of caching! I didn’t know. This is very helpful and helps me understand this aspect of DA. I’ll play around with the prefs and whether or when to clear the cache. I think for now I’ll do it manually and see how things go as I experiment with different kinds of searches, etc. But I may eventually decide to let DA do it for me!

I haven’t used DA nearly as much as DT, so I still have MUCH to learn about this program! Of course, that’s right, it’s actually a browser issue, isn’t it? And I’ve dealt with cache issues with browsers.

Anyway, thanks again! This was very helpful. :slight_smile: