Quitting DA takes a looong time after a big search.

I noticed that after some searches, DA may take a while to close when I quit the program. Recently, I needed to execute quite a few deep searches and actually had two queries at the same time some times. Some searches took more than 4 hours - lots of data was downloaded to my mac. At no time did DA behave unexpectedly.

However, when shutting down the mac, quitting DA took forever i.e. after 3~4 hours I decided to force quit it. All the while the HD was going like crazy so it seems to me that DA was closing/deleting files (?) (My prefs are set to clear the cache on quit)

Sooh, is “clearing the cache” what is going on? If so, why does it take so much time and how can I speed up the process? Since I force quit the app, does that mean that the cache was not emptied entirely and some oldies are still hanging around? Should I delete this or get they cleaned out later on?

Which version of DEVONagent do you use? Clearing the cache shouldn’t require much time since v3. If this should happenn again, could you please launch Apple’s Activity Monitor application (see Applications > Utilities), choose the frozen DEVONagent in the list of processes, click the “Sample” button in the toolbar and send us the result? Thanks in advance!

I am on version 3.8. In Activity Monitor the app was listed as ‘not responding’. Sorry, didn’t have the fortitude of mind to hit the sample but will do so next time.

Here is the sample you asked for. This time the shutdown time was not as severe as I previously mentioned as I shut it down after only a single query which took about 5 hours and downloaded 4G. I sampled the process about 1 minute into the shut down. Process Monitor listed it as ‘not responding’. Towards the end of the sampling, DA actually shutdown.

Hopefully this is a good sample for you, if not, I will run more long queries first before taking another sample. This behavior seems fairly repeatable.

Sample of DEVONagent Pro.zip (18.5 KB)

Thanks for the sample! Unfortunately it’s not useful as it doesn’t contain a call stack (usually it does). Does the search add stuff to the archive or perform other actions?

The search I ran was just a fresh new one, nothing being added to an existing archive. I will run some other ones and wait before sampling the process. I suspect that since the process actually shutdown during the sampling process some of the data is missing from the report.

Alright, this should be a better sample of DA shutting down. It was taken several minutes into the ‘quitting process’ and DA is still trying to quit (more than 15 minutes after I exited).

Curious to see what you can find.

Sample of DEVONagent Pro.zip (22.1 KB)

Thanks for the sample! It’s indeed more useful this time but weird nonetheless. Closing of a file seems to last forever, this shouldn’t cause any noticeable delays and is handled by the OS. Is there still enough space available on the startup volume? Or does deleting the folders…


…fix the issue?

My drive is about 50% full (500G out of 1T) so tons of space. I will clear out those caches and see if this repeats.

If I force quit DA, does that mean I need to clear those caches manually also?

Usually not but in case of troubles it might be a good idea.