"Wiki" linking

I too would like to see both real wiki links plus explicitly definined (not mashedtogether) linking - such as in VoodooPad. However, with what exists:

I would like to change the default opening lines of a new file created by making a link. How can I do that? VooDooPad has a nice feature that allows this…and even lets me program it to insert a date and time into those default opening lines.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve added this to the to-do list. And automatic linking will come in a future release (maybe v1.8.1 or v1.8.2) and won’t require “MashedWords” (I guess there’s nobody out there liking such links and therefore we won’t go that way).

Do you guys have any idea of an ETA for automatic wiki linking? It is the one feature that will let me use DT fully, instead of once a month, like now.

I tested VoodooPad and this Wiki links option is very interesting to build into DT. There should already be something possible within DT, but whatever I do I can not make "Make Link" possible.
In the user manual it says use a RTF, I did. Select some text, I did and click "Make Link". But this one is always grey … What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the answers …

Are you running Panther? The manual says:

Note: Wiki- and Cross-links require Mac OS X 10.3.x

Completely stupid :slight_smile:

I installed my Powerbook again, using the softare installation disk of my Powerbook … I did not install Panther I also have.

Will install and let you know.

Thanks for the remarks


now it’s working,


If you’re using Panther, I’d suggest to download DEVONnote and launch it. The quick start (which will be imported automatically on startup) uses cross links and should provide a good impression what’s possible using cross links (or Wiki-style links).

Hi, – No, I’ve checked out DEVONNote and it has the same limitation on links as DEVONThink – which is to say, it does cross links and what you could call manual wiki linking, but it doesn’t do the wiki linking automatically. This automatic linking is the real benefit of wiki writing is the only way in which, for most poeple (I think), wikis can generate any real value. Otherwise they’re really manually intensive – writing a cross-linked set of documents becomes like writing a web page.

Eagerly awaiting 1.8.2! :slight_smile: --Josh