Re-"attaching" missing documents

I have a database that does nothing but index my Bookends attachment folder. After a misconceived hard drive cleanup during which I moved that folder, DT shows me lists of all the items in the database, but gives a “file missing” message along with the path where it expects to find the file.

  1. Is there anyway to tell the database a new path where I want it to look for these files (preferably en masse; relative paths will stay the same, i.e. the path to every file will change in the same way)?

  2. If one isn’t possible, if I move the folder back where it was before, will everything start working again as before?

If you move the folder back to its previous location the path links in your database should work again.

Thanks for the quick reply, Bill. I guess my Number 1 is not an option?

Having a similar issue with a bunch of indexed articles that I’ve moved elsewhere in my HD; is there any way I can let my DT database know where the files are now, without moving them back to their original position on the HD? Alternatively I could import them; but to re-do all the annotations, replicants etc seems like a lot of work.

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