Re: ExactScan suport for Fujitsu S1300, S1100 & S300

If you received notice from Fujitsu regarding you ScanSnap software not working under macOS Catalina then this post is important.

ExactCODE has support for the orphaned scanners. I’ve been working closely with the developer these past couple months to support my S1300 with ExactSCAN. While maybe not as “slick” as ScanSnap Manager was, ExactSCAN offers the same function and more. It fits right into my DT workflow with minimal effort.

For some reason the ScanSnap import does not show in the DT menu; but I never used it that way. I always pushed the scanner button and then scan to DT.

I highly recommend you try their demo before you spend Money on a new ScanSnap.

DEVONtech has previously suggested ExactSCAN in their notes but recently switched to VueScan. I tried VueScan but they don’t work with my S1300 and their software UI is less than desirable to me.

Actually, we’ve never favored one over the other and just recently added VueScan as an option. Both should work, which one you choose is (presumably) mostly a matter of taste.

I don’t know about Fujitsu’s Catalina support for the S1300, but since you’re discussing the ScanSnap software, ScanSnap Home (the successor to ScanSnap Manager) does work in Catalina.

You are correct ScanSnap Home supports Catalina but not the scanners listed above. I would need to replace my S1300 with the 1300i version at considerably more expense that ExactSCAN.

Good to know.