Re-importing encrypted databases from SyncStore

I am well aware that the databases are not completely uploaded to the SyncStore.
BUT I remember in Devonthink 2 if I activated sync, entered my SyncStorage Password I was able to import the databases in the cloud which would create sparsebundle/sparseimage databases if they were been encrypted. In Devonthink 3 they are just normal databases without password or security.
I even cannot say I want to import them as an encrypted database, which - in my opinion is a bug if not security flaw.

After tinkering around I found that there’s the option under the gear button. Why that? Why not duplicate the import icon and add a lock to it. One open, one closed. This REALLY frustrates me.

I got to know DEVONthink as research tool and I know that there are many people out there that hardly know how to write a secure email, you can’t expect that they find this option.

which - in my opinion is a bug if not security flaw.

This is not a bug or security flaw. It is an option in response to requests.

Your request is noted.

Why do you think the database isn’t completely uploaded to the sync store? You can take a new computer and download the entire database from a sync store so I would think everything IS uploaded.

Sorry you misunderstood me - maybe I didn’t explain good enough.

I am well aware that the sync in DEVONthink does not upload the whole database “as is” in the disk image form but only the files. If it would upload the whole disk image I would have to enter the same password on every device and would not be able to download a once secure database as unsecure open database. So the content IS uploaded but not the database ITSELF

Database is stored in the sync location with a different format that local one. Why? Very easy: it is not a database, it is a sync store, optimized to deal with other installed databases in order to ease synchronization. I guess it is a journaled record system.

Related to security, I don’t understand you. If you want true security, use a WebDAV server with encrypted file system and access via HTTPS with a digital certificate, and locally, use the disk encrypted with FileVault or put your database inside an encrypted bundle (be careful with this).

And, as said, sync database is not security copy, it is “sync database”. Then you have 3-orthogonal concepts here: database, sync location and security. You can act on eat independently of each other.

Yes I am pretty aware of that, and now - since the most recent update this has been changed.
I recently got a new computer and now a double click on the database name in the sync overview creates a encrypted bundle image if the data base was set up as one and even uses the known password.

This answered my question

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