Re-open recent documents/files

I often open documents/PDFs in separate windows. Occasionally I will have to close these windows, and then look to re-open them later on. Is there a shortcut to re-open recently viewed files? File -> Open Recent and File -> New Window offer me the ability to open databases only. I had hoped Tools -> History would allow me to do this, but the options listed under View -> Sort with the History window open don’t give the option to sort by recently viewed.

Am I missing something obvious? And if not, would including an option to sort by recently viewed be considered as a feature request?

There may be a way of achieving what I’ve outlined above, but I haven’t found it. That said, perhaps Workspaces might be an option here. I haven’t played around with that feature much, but will explore it further.

Thanks for the suggestion, a future release will probably support this. In the meantime you might create a smart group with the condition “Date Opened is Today” for example.

Of course, thanks for the tip Christian. My next feature request is for a daily message to pop up on screen reminding me how powerful and versatile smart folders are :smiley:

Well, that will be actually doable using an upcoming version :smiley: