Re-Opening Main Window

I can’t seem to figure this out after a few years usage. This can’t be right.

I usually work in the three-pain view of my main window. I double click a document in the listto open it, and I use CMD-W to close it. But If I accidentally issue CMD-W in my main window it closes it. How to hot-key open the thing again?

Currenlty, I have to issue CTL/CMD-G which opens a mini window. Then click a listed item to open that subdirectory of my main window. I then Close the mini window and issue Issue OPT/CMD-HOME for it to switch back to my basic view. That’s a long slog.

If I attempted to OPEN the database while the main window was temporarily closed, it wouldn’t complain, but it wouldn’t do anything either. For a year or more before I stumbled onto CTL/CMG-G, I had to quit the program altogether and re-run it to get it to open up my main database

Is there any kind of hot-key for this. I’ve expired all solutions via QuicKeys too.

– Gerry

Sometimes those menu options that are available by mousing can save time and aggravation. :slight_smile:

If your database opens without an open window, File > New Window will open the top-level view. If it’s small, click on the Resize button, then adjust size and position if desired – those settings will be remembered next time the database is opened (if that option is checked in Preferences).

There’s a keyboard shortcut to open that view: Option-Command-N.

I find it useful to keep a top-level view open all the time, as some actions send new content to that view, regardless of the Preferences setting for new notes. And of course from the top-level view one can create other views by double-clicking on a desired group.

Control-Command-G displays the floating Groups panel, which displays all the groups at the top level and allows one to navigate to subgroups.

Because the Groups panel can float over all applications, it’s very useful to drag and drop files from the Finder, or selected text from another application to any desired location in the database. That can make for quick and easy content addition while working in the Finder or in another application. If the Preferences option to Hide the Groups panel when not in use is unchecked, the Groups panel can be minimized to the Dock and will be available from any application.

Oh my goodness, that’s a relief. I never thought to try that.

The problem with DEVONthnk is the success of it too: depth almost beyond comprehension.

Many thanks, Bill!

– Gerry