Re-ordering of documents / groups

Really minor tweak request: I’d like to more easily be able to change the order of groups and documents, when View --> Sort by --> Unsorted.

While trying to move a document / group, if the cursor hangs over a group for just a fraction of a second too long, the group pops open. Of course, this is very helpful if you are trying to tunnel into groups, but a major annoyance if you are just trying to re-order your files.

Might you consider increasing the delay just a tiny bit to make re-ordering easier? Yes, I know I could contextual menu Move to…, or get quicker trackpad skills, but I still think the groups pop open too quickly…

(Of course, if you make this tweak, someone else will post that it takes too long to tunnel into groups.)


I know exactly what you mean.  Would a spring-loaded delay preference (like Finder) be helpful?

And I’d still like more delay for displaying a currently selected item when all I’m doing is navigating past it to get a desired one.  Or have searched and selected an item I don’t need displayed (e.g. to move or delete it).  Reminds me of overzealous message previewing enabled in e-mail clients when there are plenty of instances where I want to select messages without any preview.

Even better, I’d like to control/toggle that “auto-display” behavior.   At times I’d keep it disabled then explicitly display an item of interest (e.g. by tapping the spacebar) once I’ve reached it.  And I’ve often wanted to keep the current item in view until I’m ready to see another one.  Temporarily switching to List view might be a workaround if the current item selection were consistently preserved when switching.

There’s a noticeable interface sluggishness when DT starts displaying items I don’t need displayed if I’ve stopped for too long, especially during Vertical Split view navigation when URL and HTML items are involved.  I feel forced to navigate faster just to keep that auto-display from happening.

Any improvements for that would be appreciated… thanks!

I agree with wanting more delay before groups popped open. However, although a toggle would be OK, it’s "just one more thing" to need to set, and unset.

Completely agreed – these delays to navigation while DT is rendering pages for display really make DT feel sluggish.

It would be great to have no sluggishness with navigating, even if it did take a few moments for the document display to be rendered. Would make DT "feel" a lot faster.


An alternative to the current “auto display” of split views is of course possible (e.g. by increasing the delay or by manually displaying items) but the delay during drag & drop can’t be modified - it’s the standard Cocoa behaviour for such views and there’s no way to modify this delay (without rewritting everything on your own of course).

Another reason a manual display “trigger” would be preferable is so content in the current browser pane (what’s the proper name for that?) can remain visible while navigating to a new item. That, combined with a more complete navigation history to randomly jump to previously viewed items, may be what would make Vertical Split view navigation/browsing more efficient for me.

In a way, DT’s auto-display of a selected item is similar to clicking a link when web browsing, minus the navigation history. But adding navigation history alone seems insufficient because you end up with too many items due to unintended auto-display, which is already the case with the recently added Go Forward/Back capability (… as I’m just now remembering). And clicking links on HTML pages adds another layer of complexity; how that currently interacts with Go Forward/back has been counterintuitive to me.

There’s some combination of browser-like and Finder-like metaphors in the DEVONthink UI that isn’t seamless yet. In Finder, you navigate and select items, then explicitly open them [edit: but I’d forgotten about preview in column view, which adds another dimension to this]. In DT, navigation can cause items to both auto-display in a browser-like way and “auto-open” in a Finder-like way. In both Finder and DT certain post-navigation actions can be performed on a selected item. And selecting multiple items in DT nullifies the auto-display.

My analysis/explanation of that is clumsy but I think it gets the main points across so it’s not worth the time to rewrite. :slight_smile: