Re-scanning for precise duplicates

I have a number of folders of files which are kept external to DEVONthink and indexed by DEVONthink.

I noticed that “things which are nearly identical are marked as duplicates”. By “nearly identical”, they’re digital timesheets (in Excel) where the date at the top and the name of the employee changes, but basically everyone works the same number of hours on the same days.

After a bit of reading, found the option “Preferences - General - Stricter Recognition of Duplicates” and pressed it.

But the number of duplicates hasn’t changed (i.e. gone down). I tried “Update indexed items” and that didn’t change it either.

Do I need, in some way, to have DEVONthink re-scan all the contents of the files to detect duplicates again?

“Check file integrity” or “Rebuild database” ?

AFAIK, it works automatically. Depending on the size of your databases but should take no more than a few seconds.

Please try to import two duplicates to a completely new database. Are they marked in this database as duplicates too? Then a rebuild wouldn’t fix this.