Re: Version 1.7.3 a disappointment

I don’t understand this complaint. Although I don’t plan on using DT for storing bookmarks, I can save one there using Services by selecting the url box. What am I missing?

The issue the first user is referring to is that if one is browsing using a (afaik any) browser other than Agent, actions along the lines of <<copy the new page and choosing the ‘create new note with clipboard’ service>> work fine, but lose the URL of the original page.  one wants it to work as well as the “add to devonthink” feature in devonagent works.  i’ve tried the circusponies software, and in this regard, at least, it is better.

Excited to try out 1.7.3, anway!  I’m fine with the feature set which exists.  Just hoping for improved stability, and, eventually, better file management tools, such as those which would allow to (retroactively) consolidate local files which are linked to but not included in the archive.


No browser provides the URL to services. Therefore this requires a contextual menu plugin which will come in v1.8 (v.1.7.3 was just a maintenance release - just like v1.7.4).

Version 1.7.4 will use the WebKit to display HTML pages. In addition, bookmarks (links in the database pointing to HTTP Internet locations) use the WebKit too to display the referenced page. And the new “Capture” command adds the currently displayed HTML page to the database (including both title and URL) as it’s possible to browse internally (clicking on links does not open your default browser - only if you’re pressing the option key modifier).

I’ve written this message using DEVONthink 1.7.4 and the note pad view :slight_smile:


Good work. I’m fortunate enough to be working with a beta of 1.7.4.

I captured this page into DEVONthink, and posted this reply from within DEVONthink. ;D

Next beta will also provide a "Capture Note" command to capture the current selection as RTF or RTFD - also including title and URL. Final version should be released this or next week.

And there will be a "DEVONthink > Add selection" command in  DEVONagent 1.2 - basically identical to "Take Rich Note" but stores title & URL too.

I had not envisioned how useful this feature would be.  

I’m already spending big chunks of my work day in DT.  In-line browser via WebKit is going to change even more of my day-to-day usage.  “Overnight”, with this change, DT becomes the best bookmark manager that I know of.

Very cool work.

This feature is extremely useful - what used to take several laborious steps is now simplified to a few clicks, with all referencing taken care of!

Some keyboard shortcuts would come in handy.

Keyboard shortcuts to navigate the content window of a selected item without changing focus to it would be useful.  At least <option>-<tab> is convenient for switching focus.  And <control>-<tab> moves unidirectionally from the selected item to the content to the URL field.  Using <option>-<tab> while in the URL field was a bad idea – it erased it.  Fortunately it was still displayed by Show Info so I could copy+paste it back.

I’d like a shortcut for collapsing the current group while positioned on any item.  For example, in Note Pad View I often use right-arrow to expand a group, then down-arrow to browse through it.  A left-arrow only collapses the group when it’s on the group’s “folder” item; the <option>-<command>-0 Collapse All shortcut doesn’t do it.

There are places where keyboard navigation/shortcuts and item selection feels "awkward/inconvenient" or behaves unexpectedly.  A simple example of the latter:

When positioned on the “folder” item of an unexpanded group the status line (whatever it’s called) says “N items, 1 selected”.  That doesn’t change after the first <option>-<command>-9 Expand All shortcut, but using the shortcut again changes the number of items to however many are in the fully expanded group.  Huh? :slight_smile:

One last thing (a misplaced feature request), related to item selection:

The dialog for deleting items (without any images) in the database is a basic “Do you really want to remove the selected items?”.  There’s no indication in the dialog when multiple items are selected or other feedback about what’s about to be deleted; you have to shift attention to Multiple Selection in the content window and/or “N selected” in the status line.  Since this can’t be undone I’d like the Delete dialog to be more informative, maybe even saying “this can’t be undone”.  There should be a way to satisfy people who don’t like too many warnings/dialogs, too.  And hopefully the ability to undo more operations will be available in future versions.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll add the suggestions/improvements to the next releases.

Just a quick note - the next release will use AppleScript to retrieve the URL from Safari or OmniWeb after taking plain/rich notes.

‘tell application “Safari” to get the URL of document 1’ does the trick :wink:

Cool.  Too bad you can’t also get the page title (if any) directly with an AppleScript call. The browser already knows what it is since it’s set in the title bar.

This would be possible but I’m not sure if this would be useful as a lot of sites display the same title for all of their pages. And taking notes of passages or articles beginning with a heading already stores a probably more useful title.