Read-Only Database

Hi all,

On my Mac, I have a password protected DMG that contains our Household information database that I created, which is stored on my NAS. I can open the database with no problem from my iMac, however, when my wife tries to open the database on our house iMac (different than mine), it opens in what I’m assuming is a read-only mode (pencil with a line through it), and she can’t import anything into the database. When I view the database properties, it’s not shared, nor is it checked to be read-only, and there is no database password for it. When my wife views the database properties, everything is locked for her; she can’t enter a password, or unlock the password field by clicking on the lock, nor can she make any modifications. We’re not attempting to access the database at the same time, nor do we have the DMG open at the same time. She has read/write permissions on both the DMG and the database itself in the Finder.

Any ideas about what’s preventing her from writing to this database? What am I overlooking?

Thanks in advance!

This is really a Support issue (and you have a Ticket to which I have responded). Thanks.