read only rights for second user


is it possible to access a database with multiple users.
The other users or one of them but only gets read permissions?

If yes, how does that work?

Thanks a lot

Welcome @mike90256

No this is not possible. DEVONthink databases are not built for this.
We advocate a decentralized data model where each device has its own copy of the data but can sync to a commonly accessible location.

Note: Our sync is a mirroring sync so it attempts to keep the database on each device in the same state. This is something important to consider in a collaborative setting. Changes made on one device will propagate to the database on the other devices.

The other option, depending on the situation and funds, is using the Server edition of DEVONthink. The Server edition has a built-in web server allowing you to broadcast a database on a network. This allows you to access specific databases in a web browser, including on other platforms. (See the Help referenced below regarding access over the Internet.) It has per-database, per-user permissions you can set to control access to the databases you have open.
More discussion of web sharing is covered in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Web sharing, Windows > Web Sharing, and Preferences > Server.