Read/Unread behaviour in See Also

This might not deserve its own post but there have been quite a few requests (here, here and here) about being able to configure the read/unread status in DT so that a document isn’t marked as ‘read’ when the user has merely glanced at it. I’d just like to say that this is particularly troublesome when using See Also, as the read/unread status isn’t displayed so the user might be unaware the status has changed, and the user is often browsing quickly through the documents looking for relevant ones rather than reading them entirely. Hope the developers take this into account for a future release.

+++1! (voting early and voting often :wink: )

I’d rather make my own decisions about what’s “read” or not. (The machine deciding for me is annoying in Mail and it’s annoying in DT too.)

++++1! :slight_smile:

Déjà vu, again. :slight_smile:

Aha! sjk, I knew you’d say that - but that thread is the first one of the three I linked to! Surely my acknowledgement of the repetition is enough to excuse it?

If you’ll excuse my not thoroughly reading your post and seeing those links earlier this morning. :slight_smile:

Done! :smiley: