Reading articles - RSS feeds, and the capture bug

Hello one of my big uses of DTTG is to access my massive set of RSS feeds on the go. However the lack of a next or back button to the next or previous article is a real pain. I have to go back to the list and then down to the next article.

This adds one extra click (per article) and puts me off using DTTG, when I am reading a good amount of articles…

Also capture is really useless, if ever I highlight text and then choose capture I normally get a new text file with no contents, some serious improvements are needed in terms of getting that working.

Finally the sync of a text file altered on both devices eg mac and ios device never works it just seems to create duplicate files.

Good job the desktop version (AI, different views, and some many features) is so good otherwise I would totally be with evernote… And google reader for RSS

In landscape view the list of articles is always visible.

I will need to check this. Capturing content from web pages is very complex and has to rely on a weird JavaScript workaround as web views on iOS are extremely limited.

This is intentional and similar to what e.g. OmniFocus does. Our new sync technology will show a dialog that allows you to pick which side wins. Merging changes (which can easily go wrong) is not planned.