Reading List in DTTG3

Is there a way to access the Reading List in the new DTTG3? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks. – Doug

No but it’s on our list for improvements.


Far as I know, since the Reading list is not a “Group” or “Smart Group”, not possible. DIscussed in a thread previously here. Search for “Reading List”.

What I now do is when I want something for reading on the iPhone or iPad’s DEVONthink To Go:

  • I have a special database called “Read” with one real group called “To Read”.
  • when I save something in DEVONthink that I want to give me the opportunity to read later (don’t always do that of course, so things pile up!), I save it into the normal place for that sort of thing. Then I 'Duplicate" it into the “To Read” Group in the “Read” database.
  • when I’m doing reading, or no longer have an intention to read it, in “Read” I delete with due respect to my work process I know I’ve already stored it.
  • “Read” database is synched (Bonjour and WebDAV) between the desktop and both my IOS devices. As the database trivially small, it’s fast.

Works for me.

Very much looking forward to this!

I look forward to having the Readling List added to iPad and iOS too, syncing with the Mac of course. It seems like an obvious match: add things to the Reading List on the Mac, then sit back and read them on the iPad and iPhone. Right now I am accomplishing this with Flags, but it would be nicer to have the Reading List function directly, allowing flag use for other purposes.

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