Reading List in DTTG3

Is there a way to access the Reading List in the new DTTG3? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks. – Doug

No but it’s on our list for improvements.


Far as I know, since the Reading list is not a “Group” or “Smart Group”, not possible. DIscussed in a thread previously here. Search for “Reading List”.

What I now do is when I want something for reading on the iPhone or iPad’s DEVONthink To Go:

  • I have a special database called “Read” with one real group called “To Read”.
  • when I save something in DEVONthink that I want to give me the opportunity to read later (don’t always do that of course, so things pile up!), I save it into the normal place for that sort of thing. Then I 'Duplicate" it into the “To Read” Group in the “Read” database.
  • when I’m doing reading, or no longer have an intention to read it, in “Read” I delete with due respect to my work process I know I’ve already stored it.
  • “Read” database is synched (Bonjour and WebDAV) between the desktop and both my IOS devices. As the database trivially small, it’s fast.

Works for me.

Very much looking forward to this!

I look forward to having the Readling List added to iPad and iOS too, syncing with the Mac of course. It seems like an obvious match: add things to the Reading List on the Mac, then sit back and read them on the iPad and iPhone. Right now I am accomplishing this with Flags, but it would be nicer to have the Reading List function directly, allowing flag use for other purposes.


Please count me in on looking forward to this addition.

The reading list was added in the latest release (3.2) of DTTG last week.

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