Reading List Sync with iPad

I’m trying to find a way to keep documents in my DTPO database with me on my iPad version of the database. At first I thought I could use a smart folder placed inside the “sync” folder, getting it to find all documents I had ‘labelled’ in a red colour. It found those, but it seems documents in smart folders don’t sync over to DevonThink to Go on the iPad or iPhone.

Any ideas how best to do this? I’d like to retain the filing system that I have at the moment, you see, and not have to move things back and forth all the time. Should I just make a replicant of the document as and when I find it and then delete it from the sync folder when I’ve finished reading/editing?

A smart group is only a search query, so it doesn’t actually hold documents (or even a list of documents) until it is opened.

But if you want to use a smart group as the basis for choosing documents to Sync to DEVONthink To Go on your iPad, there’s a way to do that.

Create a new group in the Mobile Sync group of a database. Now open the smart group, select all the contents and replicate them into the group that you created inside the Mobile Sync group. The chosen documents can now be synced to the iPad. You can edit them if you wish. Any changes will then be synced back to the Mac. As you have changed replicated documents, the replicants in the original location will be modified as well. You can then, if you wish, delete the group within Mobile Sync that had been created to hold the replicants from the smart group.

Ok thanks. But I presume I’ll need to do this ad hoc as and when my list of documents changes. I.e. It won’t be updating automatically. I’ll have to replicate as and where needed.

There’s another method that uses tags instead of smart groups. (Tags are actually smarter than smartgroups sometimes.)

Tag the reading list documents with a meaningful tag like … well … “ReadMe”. Locate the ReadMe tag group inside your Tags group, and replicate ReadMe to the Mobile Sync group. (At this point, ReadMe loses its tag icon and looks like a regular group, but it’s still a tag – it’s a replication glitch.) Anything tagged ReadMe will sync to DTTG, including any changes you make on the iPad. You can’t remove the tag from DTTG (not possible as of yet), but if you remove the tag from that document on the desktop it will no longer sync and will be removed from the iPad. Any new documents tagged ReadMe on the desktop will get synced with the next go-around.

A workaround to note being able to change the tag on the iPad is to give a flag or label to documents on the iPad and have a real smartgroup on the Desktop look for documents that have that tag and that flag or label, and then change the tag in the smartgroup.