Reading the Forum via RSS & DTPO web view in general

Two little requests:

  1. Could you please restore full postings, formating and proper author info in the RSS feed of the forum?

I enjoy reading it directly in a smart group inside DTPO and jump to the website only for posting. The new feed (since the phpBB update) is plain text, truncated and the author info seems to be wrong all the time.

  1. Would you please add a “minimum font size” to the web view in DTPO, just like Safari has it?

Background: reading the RSS feed in DTPO produces a very small font and I have to opt for “Ctrl+Cmd+Up” all the time.


The next release will improve the RSS support and the retrieval of the author.

I have updated the RSS feed code. Is this working for you? Any additions that you’d like to see?