Real Estate Agent scenario

I have just become aware of DT and have read every review I could Google up. I think I’m beginning to ‘get it’ but it is very difficult for a non-geek to see through all potential consequences of this new paradigm. DT appears, however, to be the bee’s knees for finally getting my personal mess of tens of thousands of files and snippets organised. It has been like giving up smoking; many futile attempts. I have just downloaded a demo and can’t wait to put it to the test. I have read the manual but that did not help much. How about a manual or tutorial for all of us who are enjoying the advancement of technology but primarily want to find ways of getting some work done more efficiently.

I am a devoted Mac user ever since my first MacPlus and wouldn’t touch another Windows box with a bargepole ever since having had the misfortune of depending on an NT4 server system for a year. My eldest daughter (I’m 74) is also a dedicated many years Mac user. We often talk about the unbelievably clumsy way things work (or don’t work) in the Wintel world. You need to desperately love a daily wrestle and heavy dose of frustration to be able to live with it. My daughter is in the Real Estate business. She tells me one after the other story about the bespoke (Windows) databases that seem to be the accepted standard in that kind of business. Unbelievably clumsy and limited. DT seems to have the potential to revolutionise it all. Now I’m finally getting to my point; has anybody already thought about this ‘scenario’? Any comments, please?

Thank you for the feedback. The final release of DT Pro 1.9 (public beta will be available in October) will probably include a tutorial demonstrating some of its possibilities. However, the manuals and the help won’t be rewritten (only updated) before version 2.0.