REALLY basic question

I bought DVPO and DevonAgent together to use for a massive research project (History dissertation) and I’m loving DVPO. But having a hard time figuring out how to tap the power of DevonAgent…what is the best tutorial? The intro video never opens the program (unlike the one for DTPO which is somewhat helpful, though this forum and the Taking Control book are invaluable). Is there a DevonAgent manual and intro to how to use the program?
Also…I just figured out how to use Clip to Devonthink in Firefox. Is there any reason to use DevonAgent instead of this to find good websites and add them to my DT database? Thank you.

There’s no introduction video available yet but the final release of DEVONagent 3.0 will include one. The only documentation is the help, also available as PDF documents from our website ( … ation.html).

Finally, DEVONagent’s support for DEVONthink is of course superior to other browsers, e.g.

  • WYSIWYG (contrary to the “Clip to DEVONthink” bookmarklets/extensions and their technical limitations, DEVONagent is able to add the already downloaded & rendered page)
  • the final release of DEVONagent 3.0 will be able to use the “Clip to DEVONthink” panel without being deactivated
  • Resources of pages (e.g. images, frames, links or the selection) can be easily added to DEVONthink via the contextual menu
  • DEVONagent can display related material found in DEVONthink Pro’s databases (via the “See Also” drawer)
  • DEVONagent displays a small DEVONthink icon in the address bar if the current page is already stored in a database (to avoid duplicates)
  • DEVONagent’s bookmarks can include the bookmarks of all currently opened or the last opened databases
  • DEVONagent can remember selections for each site so that you don’t have to select articles all the time before using e.g. DEVONthink’s “Take Rich Note” service

Thanks! For some reason I hadn’t found the DAgent manual til you sent the link, I should be fine working with this…

How do you send one specific search result to DEVONthink? I know that DA has the ability to download all results to DEVONthink, though I don’t know how to do that either. I jsut want to be able to send one specific result.


In the Results list, select the desired item.

See options under DA’s Data menu to capture the page (or selected text) to DEVONthink. Or use contextual menu options or Services.