really struggling with sync

I used to use the older version of DT and DTTG but recently upgraded. The older version synced easily - I put everything in a mobile inbox and hit the sync button and then it worked (at least that’s how I remember it).

Now I’m trying to figure out the new way to do it. Direct connection? Drop Box?

I’m following the tutorial on the site, but what I see on my screen is not what’s in the tutorial. Simple example: the tutorial says that I’m supposed to click preferences - sync - bonjour options…but on my mac I click preferences - sync and then I get a screen with the numbers 1…2…3 asking me when I want to sync. No bonjour option that I see. There is a “+” button at the bottom of that dialogue box that i can click which then gives me the option of choosing “direct connection”, but it just opens up another dialogue box that’s empty with the option of entering a server (huh?) and changing a port number (huh?).

I know this is really basic stuff but I’m stuck. It makes zero sense to me. Any help?

You’re probably using an outdated version of DEVONthink. DEVONthink To Go 2 requires the new synchronization introduced by version 2.9, the current version is 2.9.8 (see


Thanks. That worked.