Realtime sync

Ok all, I am now officially balder than the bald I was at the start of this session. I am getting confused even more reading all the posts about sync, server, bonjour. AAAAHHHHH


I am not really a great understanding computers, but I have taught myself a little. After all my brain power has been exhausted, I still do not have a solution for my problem.

I am using DTPO 2.7.1 on my Mid 2012 MB Air running Mavericks, my wife is running 2.6.1 on her Early 2009 iMac. I setup the two to run server (hers) so that I can access the DB on both my laptop when on business trips and also my iPad Mini. This setup is not working for me as there is an issue when creating notes (fails to put them in the current folder, always puts it in the Global Inbox) and also, I cannot access the emails that are stored in the DB. I can however access the PDF’s and Pages documents. This is the same outcome on the Mini as it is on the MB Air.

What I would like to do is have her computer on as the server, and I access the DB either through our internal network (wireless) or from the net overseas, but I also require it to synchronise as used. I cannot have it doing this on the hour type syncs. If I type soothing in India, my wife should see it back in Australia as soon as I close the document.

Also, I cannot get DevonThink Go to synchronise unless I have the entire DB located within the Mobile Sync. This proves to be a nightmare when we are talking about a large DB.

If someone could please explain to me as to where I am going wrong, I would much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

The only workarounds right now would be to either synchronize manually after each important modification or to use DEVONthink Pro Office’s web interface.

That’s a known issue, the upcoming DEVONthink To Go 2 won’t use the Mobile Sync group anymore. The only database not requiring the Mobile Sync group is currently the Global Inbox.

Sync 2 will sync continuously.

Thanks for input guys.

I managed to get web sharing activated and working, so the app is pretty much useless (i hope i didn’t pay for it, can’t remember)

I just tried setting up ML Server, but this also failed, so looks like web sharing will do.

Thanks again,