Rebuilding a database: how to find problem files?

I have a question about rebuilding a database. I have a database which has become corrupted, no blame on DevonThink this is an unfortunate disk removal without proper eject and it’s also the latest copy of something I was working on. If I recover an older version I lost about a day’s worth of my changes.

The export process works but on import I get about 30 of these:

Database Name/Rebuild/000028/000000/000104.rtf Fail

How do I correlate that file, which seems to be a temporary file in the database being rebuilt, with what the actual file should be inside the database? I can’t peek into show package contents and navigate to it because the temporary Rebuild directory is gone by the time it tries and gives up on those files.

How do I locate the files that are having problems please?

Come on, nobody has an answer???

It’s a really simple question that I’d think would have been asked many times but I can’t find the answer.

How do I reference all those files that are failing in the rebuild?

Stuff like this

Database Name/Rebuild/000028/000000/000104.rtf Fail

is less then useless.

How do I connect this: Database Name/Rebuild/000028/000000/000104.rtf Fail

with some kind of filename? With a filename/title I have some concept of what to look for and what the problem might be. In my experience the problem is often Word files from a '97 version of office, which Snow Leopard always has problems with. The simple solution is load them in Word 2008 and re-save them, problem solved. But I can’t solve the problem if I can’t even find these documents, yes I can guess that it’s filetype .doc and search through thousands of files but come on, all these rebuild errors which give completely obtuse information which is not related to any file in the working database are a little bit useless and not helpful in solving anything.

To add one more message to this. The database in question will verify with no problems, I’m not aware of anything inside it that’s missing during normal use.

What would be very helpful is if during a rebuild when DevonThink can’t re-import the file, the instead of giving a message like:

Database Name/Rebuild/000028/000000/000104.rtf Fail

Which is less then useless because what exactly am I supposed to do with this knowledge? Where’s the file that failed, it doesn’t exist because that is a tmp directory DevonThink removes when it finishes re-creating the database. What was the file called? I have no idea, it doesn’t tell me.

Why not somehow relate the 000104.rtf to a filename or title that I might be able to search for and examine, or better still, in addition to telling me the filename, why not place the files that could not be re-imported into a folder on my Desktop so that I could examine them and see what the problem might be.

Telling me a lot of unknown files had problems doesn’t help. They do not show up in the orphaned files folder they just don’t exist anymore. Not only do they not exist, I don’t seem to have a way of discovering what they were in the first place.

Am I being daft here? I see no way of even discovering what file is missing or having a problem with the current information DevonThink writes to the log.

It’s actually the first request of its kind and…

you’re right, the current information is quite useless. But the final release (available later this month) will improve this.