Rebuilding Database

When one Rebuilds the database where do the files get exported to? Half of my files failed to be exported. Therefore, when a new database was built only half of my files were imported. All in all, I have a lot of data loss. Really sucks!

Hi, Gino. Select Tools > Log. Check for error reports.

Why did you rebuild your database? Had anything bad happened lately,such as a forced shutdown while data was being written to the drive, a power outage, running very low on free disk space or a system panic, crash or freeze?

Bill, I did see the Log which was where I found out that many of my files failed to export. By the way, why would they fail? The files in question displayed properly when I clicked on them in DTP before the rebuild?

I rebuilt the database thinking that it might fix the pdf import problem. I should of waited for your answer (which was to reboot). Any chance that those files are hiding in a folder when one chooses “Rebuild Database”. I am sure the answer is “No,” however, it never hurts to ask. :slight_smile:

Check your internal Backup folders using Tools > Restore Backup.

This is a reversible procedure. When you swap the current database with the first of your Backup folders (each of which displays the date of their backup), you can revert to the previous state by running Restore Backup again on the same Backup folder.

Since your current database is smaller than your database before you ran rebuild, do this. With your current database open, select File > Database Properties. Write down the total number of words. Now run Restore Backup, choosing the most recent Backup folder. Bring up the Database Properties panel once more and write down the total number of words. Is it larger? If so, take a look at that log file. Note the names of several of the files that had failed to export. Search for them by name in your database. Are any of them there.?

Fingers crossed, you’ve recovered at least some of your data from the most recent backups. If not, try the next most recent internal Backup folder using Restore Backup again. And so on.

If you seem to have recovered your data, run Tools > Verify and Repair right now. If it finds errors, run it again until it reports no errors. But if it tells you to run Rebuild Database stop right there and send a message to Support, with details of what’s happened.

Now for my “belt and suspenders” sermon on backups. When I’ve been doing significant work in my database I don’t want to wait for any schedule of the internal backup procedure, whether it be daily or whatever. Instead, when I take a break for lunch or whatever I will invoke the DT Pro or DTPO Backup Archive procedure. It’s available at DT Pro’s Scripts > Export > Backup Archive.

Backup Archive does several Very Good Things. It takes only seconds to initiate when you take a break. It will ask you where you wish to store the smallest possible compressed and dated archive of your database (which you can easily copy to an external drive or CD or DVD, so that if your hard drive fails you haven’t lost everything). Then it runs the Verify & Repair and Backup & Optimize procedures and saves your archive to the finder.

Result: You’ve got both internal and external backups of your current data and your database will take up a little less disk space and will run a bit faster.

I haven’t had to resort to a backup in a couple of years of so. But I want the peace of mind that comes with recent backups of my databases, as they are worth much more to me than the costs of the computers that host them.

Darn it, Backup Archive is easy to run, and when I come back to the computer after a break the database is ready for work.


Oh my God, I completely forgot about Restore even though I was looking through the Tools menu. Thank you for reminding me! All my files are back. I am back in business. I took your advice and made a backup archive. Yes, I did run “Verify & Repair” before making the backup archive. By the way, “Verify & Repair” is what was throwing me off last night when DTP would not accept .pdf documents. No errors were being reported.

Again, thank you! Feels so good having my data back!