Rebuilding global Inbox possible?

We just had a very short power outage and the mac shut down. On powering up and logging in, DTPO opened my three databases as well as the global inbox. All four showed the “database already in use” message *. I did the now-standard rebuilding operation on the three custom databases but when i went to do it on the global inbox, that menu option was grayed out. I did a “verify & repair” instead but I’m curious about the inability to rebuild it.

Andy info would be nice.

  • I’m beginning to think of this message as the DTPO version of the windoze world’s “blue screen of death.”

There’s no need to rebuild the database, just use Tools > Verify & Repair (and Tools > Backup & Optimize afterwards). Rebuilding is not a “standard”, it’s only intended for heavily damaged databases.

Actually I’ve never rebuild a database except after switching to v1.8 (new database format) and to v2.0 (again a new database format).

I picked up the same problem. Every time I launched DTPO I would get the “Inbox.dtBase2 already in use” message. I did the verify and repair and backup and optimize on every database and then made sure to close each before closing DTPO. Didn’t help. What I finally di was simply to do a search for Inbox.dtBase2 and delete the file. Problem solved. Don’t know if it will work in all cases, but did in mine. :slight_smile:

JR: I assume that you cleared the global inbox before deleting it?
:smiley: :laughing: :unamused:

I’ll try this as soon as I can sort out everything that’s accumulated there. I’ll report back in a few weeks! :blush:

Hmmm…yes, I probably should have mentioned that :wink: I did make sure the global inbox was empty first. :exclamation: